Yoshon.com is run by The Yoshon Network Inc. (TYNI), a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization, which endeavors to help make the Mitzvah of Keeping Yoshon as “easy as pie”! See our Site Map below for descriptions as to what is on our site, and click on the blue links to go to each page.

Using Yoshon.com

How to Use Yoshon.com. This page gives a visual demonstration as to where to find all the information you need.

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YAIR – Our “Yoshon.com Artificial Intelligence Robot” is always there to help and guide, on every single page. He can answer general questions, or get you to information you might need. He does just about everything but product searches, and is just plain cute!

Educational Articles on Keeping Yoshon

“What Is Yoshon”? Explores this lesser-known Biblical commandment in detail.

“Starting to Keep Yoshon” This article helps newcomers to start the mitzvah of “Keeping Yoshon”.

“How to Calculate Date Codes” Guidelines to help with figuring out and calculating date codes.

“Learn How to Buy Products” Guidelines to help with buying products that could potentially be problematic.

“Keeping Yoshon Throughout the Year” Helpful tips for keeping Yoshon, from stocking up, what to stock up on, and storing items.

“Keeping Yoshon Anywhere” Insights into keeping Yoshon in various areas of the world.

“The Five Grains and Their Products” Visual examples to the types of grains that are subject to the status of Yoshon.

“Date Codes Explained” Some people are perplexed as to how to read product Date Codes. This article demystifies this too-often confusing road-block.

“Glossary of Terms and Phrases” A list of words commonly found on packages, or referred to on our site and in the Guide.

Helpful Pages for Yoshon-Keepers

The Yoshon.com Homepage Do online searches for Date Code information or the Yoshon status of products using our Online Date Code Database. This can be done right in the store on your smart phone, or from the comfort of home on your computer.

Recently Updated Products Shows the latest products that have been entered or updated in our site’s database.

Yoshon Establishments Resource page for local Yoshon restaurants, Bakeries, and Caterers in the USA, Canada, and South Africa.

Downloads & Updates Resource page for downloading reference sheets for Yoshon Start Dates, Yoshon Cereals List, “Cheat Sheets” for reading Julian Date Codes, and current Yoshon Bulletin Updates to the Guide, Canada and South Africa.

Buying Yoshon Online Links to many online sources where Yoshon products can be ordered and purchased.

Yoshon.com Brands Page Displays a carousel of product brands listed in our database from A to Z.

FAQ Page View some of our more Frequently Asked Questions from over the years.

Yoshon Contacts Yoshon Contacts and Gemachs in the US and Around the World. Online resource for Yoshon Keepers to contact for who are traveling, relocating, or needing to locate items or restaurants.

Videos, Resources and Tools

“Yoshon Videos” Offers a variety of videos for new learners.

“Yoshon Audio Shiurim” Offers audio shiurim on yoshon.

News and Alerts from Yoshon.com

Yoshon.com Newsletter and Alerts Subscription: Click on the Subscribe Button to Subscribe. Be prepared for the season with our monthly newsletter, which has yoshon information, alerts and recalls on products, and sometimes, discount coupons on products. Alerts are issued when info comes in, generally on new products, recalls, new updates from the Project Chodosh or yoshon information from kashrut agencies. To subscribe to this free service, click on the subscription form to the right.

Yoshon.com News Archives
: Contains all of the Yoshon.com Newsletters and Alerts.

Yoshon.com on WhatsApp: Individual texting is available from the link in this title heading, or join one of our Yoshon.com WhatsApp Groups below. It features news, information, and a variety of group member questions. Members range from seasoned Mashgichim and rabbis to the totally-new-to-yoshon. If a group is at capacity, just try another group. Click on one of the group links to join.
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Information on "A Guide to Chodosh"

Guide to The Guide Resources for A Guide to Chodosh, where to get the Guide, subscribe to it and updates, and get a subscription form. This page also lists a comprehensive index for accessing the Chodosh Hotline Phone Menu. You can even donate to Project Chodosh on this page.

Downloads & Updates Download the current Guide to Chodosh, a Subscription Form to order it from Project Chodosh by credit card, current Chodosh Bulletin Updates (CBUs), and a Donation Form to help Project Chodosh. (Project Chodosh and The Guide to Chodosh are not affiliated with TYNI or Yoshon.com, but we want to help support their cause.)

About The Yoshon Network Inc. (TYNI)

Our Services Information on our services and what we have to offer.

About Us Read about our history, how Yoshon.com has evolved, what we hope to accomplish, and meet our staff.

Contact Us Let us know what you think about us, how we’re doing, or correct any inaccurate information or typos (which hopefully won’t exist).

Help Support The Yoshon Network Inc.

Yoshon consumer. All work is strictly volunteer. Yoshon.com costs money to run, and we need your help to keep the site up and running. There are two ways you can help fund TYNI. Yes, we may be a tiny organization, but we have big dreams- to help people keep the mitzvah of Yoshon as easily as possible, and connect with others who want to do the mitzvah!

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August 26, 2021