Osem Couscous (Made in Israel)

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Yoshon status applies to all varieties of Osem Couscous, including Toasted Pearl Couscous, Israeli Couscous, Meals On The Go Couscous & Vegetables, Heat & Serve Couscous & Vegetables, Israeli Couscous All Packaging, Israeli Couscous Whole Wheat All Packaging,Israeli Couscous Tri-Color All Packaging, Heat & Serve Couscous & Vegetable Cassarole, Side Mates Pearl Couscous with Rice, Roasted Garlic, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Meals On The Go Couscous & Vegetables..

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Kosher Supervision

OU and BaDatz Eida HaChareidus of Yerushalayim

Yoshon Hashgacha

Badatz Eida HaChareidus of Yerushalayim

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