Of Tov Deli Sliced Lunch Meat and Sausages (Made in Israel)

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Applies to all types and sizes Of Tov and Hod Lavan deli turkey lunch meat slices, including Smoked Pastrami, Oven Roasted, Honey-Glazed, Smoked Turkey, Mexican, Thin Sliced Smoked and Oven-Roasted Breast.
Also applies to the following sausages- Thin-Sliced Salami, Large Smoked Kabanos, Mini Smoked Kabanosi Sausages, Large Hanging Salami Rolls, Mini Salami Rolls, and Kosher Turkey Bacon.




Additional information


Meat, Glatt Kosher

Grain Ingredient

No problematic ingredients

Kosher Supervision

Badatz Mehadrin and OU

Yoshon Hashgacha

Badatz Mehadrin and OU

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TYNI Research

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083076201281, 083076206286, 083076207283, 083076209294, 083076250289, 083076261285, 083076418283, 083076422280, 083076454281, 083076456292, 083076462286, 083076463283, 083076464280, 083076465287, 083076466284, 083076467281, 083076468288, 083076480280, 083076493280