My Own Meal Meat and Vegetables (Shelf-Stable Meals)

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Applies to all meat My Own Meals having no problematic ingredients, including Beef Stew, Old World Stew, Chicken & Black Beans, My Kind of Chicken®, and Chicken Mediterranean.
Note: These are not frozen or refrigerated, and are available in in 8 oz. foil pouches and 10 oz. microwavable trays. (See picture examples.)



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Meat, Glatt Kosher

Grain Ingredient

No problematic ingredients

Kosher Supervision

R. Moshe Soloveitchik

Yoshon Hashgacha

R. Moshe Soloveitchik

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Guide to Chodosh

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016816000110, 016816150006, 016816150402, 016816170004, 016816170110, 016816450007, 016816450113, 016816450403, 016816470005, 016816470111