Guidelines to Follow When Buying Products

If you are looking to buy products that could possibly contain chodosh, consult the lists below for terms listed on the ingredient panel that can pose problems.

What Possible Chodosh Ingredients to Look For

If you are looking to buy products that could possibly contain Chodosh, consult the list below for any terms listed on the ingredient panel that can pose problems. They are all derived from the Five Grains- Wheat, Barley, Spelt, Rye or Oats. If an ingredient is in the list below, consult our site to make sure your item is yoshon. Stock up on items containing these ingredients, or check our main site.

All-Purpose Flour; Ancient Grains; Barley; Barley Flour; Barley Malt; Bleached Flour; Bran; Bran Flour; Bread Crumbs; Bread Flour; Bromated Flour; Bulgur; Bulgur Wheat; Cake Flour; Cake Meal; Couscous; Cracked Wheat; Cracker Meal; Durum; Durum Flour; Durum Wheat; Enriched Flour; Farik; Farina; Flour; Freekeh; Glucose Syrup; Gluten; Gluten Flour; Graham; Graham Cracker; Graham Flour; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein; Kamut; Kamut Flour; Kamut Wheat; Khorasan Wheat; Khorasan Flour; Malt; Malted Barley; Malt Flavoring; Maltodextrin; Malt Vinegar; Oat Bran; Oat Flour; Oatmeal; Oats; Orzo; Pearled Barley; Pearled Wheat; Phosphated Flour; Rolled Oats; Rye; Rye Bran; Rye Flour; Seitan; Self-Rising Flour; Semolina; Spelt; Spelt Bran; Spelt Flour; Spelt Germ; Sprouted Grain; Steel-Cut Oats; Tabouleh; Triticale; Unbleached Flour; Vegetable Protein; Vegetable Starch; Vital Gluten; Wheat; Wheat Berries; Wheat Bran; Wheat Flour; Wheat Germ; Wheat Gluten, Wheat Starch; White Flour; Whole Grains; Whole Wheat; Whole Wheat Flour.

Note: (If you see a product or ingredient we’ve missed, please let us know about it at:
Info@ YoshonNetwork .org.

Scary-Sounding Ingredients That Are NOT Chodosh

None of these are made from the Five Grains. If your product contains them, you don’t need to worry about it! Audolized Yeast; Buckwheat (aka “Kasha” is not a true wheat); Food Starch; Modified Food Starch; Torula Yeast.

Items That Are Yoshon

None of these are made from the Five Grains. If your product contains them, don’t worry about it!

  • Pure Winter Wheat, and (US or Canadian) Domestic Rye and Spelt (check for other ingredients).
  • Products that are made in Israel with reliable kosher certification.
  • Products marked “Yoshon” or “Kemach Yashan” (in Hebrew or English) with reliable kosher certification.
  • Most Gefilte Fish; Most Matzo Meal; Most Matzah. Check to make sure in our listings, as some manufacturers may be adding chodosh spring wheat due to the recent winter wheat crisis. Check that they say “Yoshon” on the package.
  • Meal Mart frozen products and airline meals.
  • All Kemach Flours. This even includes the malt.
  • Note: Gluten-Free products are NOT necessarily Chodosh-Free! Oats often don’t contain gluten, but are always the first crop to become chodosh! Only items made without the 5 grains (including malt) are not problematic.

Products to Stock Up On and/or Check On Dates

Babka; Baby Foods; Bagels; Bagel Chips; Barley; Barley Water Drinks; Beer; Biscuits; Blintzes; Bread; Bread Crumbs; Brownie Mix; Brownies; Buffalo Wings (can contain wheat); Buns; Burritos; Cake Mix; Cakes; Cereals; Challah; Chocolate Malt Syrup; Cholent Mixes; Chow Mein Noodles; Cookie Dough/Cookies & Creme Ice Cream; Cookies and Cookie Mix; Cornflake Crumbs (can contain malt); Couscous; Crackers; Crepes; Crisped Rice Cereals (usually contain malt); Croutons; Doughnuts; Dumplings; Egg Rolls; Egg Roll Wrappers; Fish Sticks; Flour; Flour Tortillas; Fried Breaded Foods; Frozen Doughs and Crusts; Graham Cracker Pie Crusts; Graham Crackers; Granola Bars; Gravy Mix; Gummy Candies (some contain wheat); Hors D’oeuvres; Ice Cream Cones; Ice Cream Sandwiches; Instant Oatmeal; Knishes; Kreplach; Lasagna; Licorice; Malted Milk Balls; Malted Milk Shakes; Muffins and Muffin Mix; Multi-Grain Breads; Multi-Grain Cereals; Noodles, Oat Flour; Oatmeal; Oatmeal Cookies; Oat Milk; Onion Rings; Orzo; Pancakes; Pasta; Pastries; Pearled, Pot, or Pinhead Barley; Pies; Pita Bread; Pita Chips, Pizza; Pizza Crusts; Pizza Rolls; Potato Chips (with Seasoning); Prepared Soups (canned, cartons or frozen);Pretzels; Puddings and Pudding Mix; Ramen; Ravioli; Rice Mixes; Rolled Oats; Rugelach; Rye (imported), Salad Toppings; Seitan; Soup Croutons; Soup Mixes; Soy Burgers; Soy Sauce (according to some); Soy Sausages; Spelt (imported); Spicy Fries; Steel-Cut Oats; Stuffing Mixes; Teriyaki Sauce (according to some); Tortilla and Burrito Wraps; Tuna Salad (some contain bread crumbs); Vegan “Meatless” Products (most contain wheat gluten); Vital Wheat Gluten; Waffles, Wheat Berries; Wheat Gluten, Wheat Flour; Whole Wheat Flour; Won Ton Wrappers, Wraps.

Items with Possible Added Chodosh Ingredients

Alcoholic Beverages; Breaded Foods; Chocolates; Condiments; Corn Flake Cereals; Corn Flake Crumbs; Dry Powdered Mustard; Dry-Roasted Nuts and Seeds; Flour; Gravy and Gravy Mixes; Kosher Vitamin Supplements; Ice Creams; Imitation Crab; Licorice; Liquors; Prepared Soups (canned or frozen); Pudding and Pie Fillings; Puffed Rice Cereals; Rotisserie Seasoning Blends; Salad Dressings; Sauces; Sausages; Seasoned Chips and Snacks; Soup and Dip Mixes; Soup Cubes; Spice Blends.

Products from Imported Crops (Except Israel)

Any of these could be made from the Five Grains and could be chodosh.

Rye Bagels; Rye Bagel Chips; Rye Bread; Rye Buns; Rye Crackers; Frozen Rye Bread Doughs; Rye Pretzels, Spelt Flake Cereal; Spelt Bread; Spelt Crackers; Spelt Flour; Spelt Matzos.

Updated As Of:
August 30, 2021